Mission Statement


The mission of Randolphville Elementary School is the continual development of each child's intellectual, social, emotional, aesthetic and physical abilities in a nurturing environment, which fosters self-esteem. Randolphville School will build the foundation for every student to flourish within a changing society. Our Randolphville Family is connected, committed and compassionate.

We Believe: 
All children can learn. 
All children have unique talents and strengths. 
Our school is enriched by embracing diversity within a multicultural population. 
Our responsibility is to provide a child-focused environment that is nurturing and safe. 
Our partnership with family and community is directly related to the success of the learning process.

To assure that the beliefs of our Mission Statement will be realized, we set forth the following fundamental principles:

We will challenge each student to reach his or her potential. 
We will help each student to discover and pursue his or her individual talents. 
Our staff will be on the frontier of knowledge through continuous learning, renewal and self-improvement. 
Our school will actively recognize and celebrate the richness of our multicultural society. 
The educational process will be enhanced by the home, school, and community partnership. 
Our students will recognize the significance of their roles within the Randolphville Family.