Stio, Vincenzo

Mr. Stio   
Physical Education

Grades: K-3
Rooms: GYM

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    Contact Information:

E-mail: (For remote learning please use Email only). 
Phone: (732)-699-1573 x5960
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Hi Everyone,  My name is Mr. Stio and I am the Health & Physical Education teacher at Randolphville. This is my 10th year teaching in Piscataway.  

Dear Parents/Guardians: Physical Education provides students the ability to be physically active while learning healthy skills and habits they can use throughout their lives!  Student will continue to learn skills, movements, and concepts that are designed to meet their age and grade levels. 

Skills:  Spatial Body Awareness, Balancing, Effort, Fitness, Sportsmanship, Teamwork, Locomotor Skills, Manipulative Skills, Rhythmic Movements, and Fitness Skills/Concepts

Students will also learn health related topics such as: Skeletal System, Personal Hygiene, Nutrition, Character Education, as well as many other Health topics today's 21st century child needs to be aware of. 

Physical Education Related Events:  Fall Virtual Walk-a-thon (October) Family Fitness Night (January), Spring Walk-a-thon (March/April),  and Field Day (June)

Visit Mr. Stio's YouTube Channel for additional resources: