December- Special Dates
2nd -6th - Holiday Shop by Penguin Patch for students during library time
6th- Winter Festival- 6:30 PM
11th- Principal and Parent Chat- Library- 6:30 PM
         General PTO Membership Meeting- 7:00 PM
19th- Winter Sing-a-Long, Pajama Day
20th - Holiday Party in the classroom
21st- January 1st- Winter Break

December Birthdays

19- Devarsh Bandla

                    Student of the Week

A note will be sent home to tell you when your child will be student of the week.  When it is your child's turn to be students of the week, please send in their poster on Monday and a special item for Show and Tell on Friday. The special item can be a favorite toy or book.  The poster should include baby photos, family photos and other photos of your child.  Please label the photos.  Your child can decorate the poster with stickers if he/she wishes.  Your child will talk about the poster during his/her special week.  The student of the week will be line leader for the week, a special helper in class and will take books to the library. 

Students of the Week for December:

December 2-  Allura

December 9- Suhaan

December 16- Hariharan