Classroom Policies

Class Rules:

1.   Be kind to everyone.

2.    Clean up your own mess.

3.    Keep your hands and feet to yourself.

4     Walk quietly in the hallways.

5.    Be quiet when the teacher is talking.

6.   Always do your best.


Class Behavior Chart:

In our classroom we have a behavior chart with three colors-

green, yellow and red.  Every student has a clip with their

name on it on the chart. At the start of each day every

student's clip is on green. If they break a rule, their clip is

moved to yellow.  If they break a rule again, it is moved

to red. If their behavior improves during the day the clip can

be moved back up to yellow or green.  If a student ends up

on red at the end of the day, you are notified either by a

phone call, note or e-mail.  Students who stay on green

for five days get a prize from the prize box.