What's Happening in Room 30

Specials Schedule

Monday-- Digital Literacy


Wednesday--  Gym, Sneakers must be worn

Thursday—Gym, Sneakers must be worn




May 22: Hirishavi


Student of the Week

This will start around the third week of November.

You will be notified when your child will be the Student of the Week. When it is your child’s turn, please prepare a poster, which can include baby photos, and or other photos of your child doing various activities or showcasing his/ her interests, and family photos. Please label the pictures so your child can talk about it, while we share the poster with our class virtually throughout the week. Your child can also pick a special item, a favorite toy, game or book for Show and Tell on Friday of the week.



Week of May 3: Yasir

Week of May 10: Ridhwan

Week of May 17: Jana

Week of May 24: Maryam