A Note from Mrs. Elil


I can’t believe we’ve completed the first month of school already!

We are off to a great start learning the rules of our classroom, how to take turns, and be respectful to our teachers and friends. We had our first ever Virtual Assembly and we have been earning tickets for being respectful.
We kick off the Month of October with a ‘Week of Respect’ from Oct. 4th to Oct. 8th.We will also learn about Fire Safety and Firefighters during this week as the first Week of October is Fire Prevention Week.
In Readers Workshop, we are learning how to look, think, read and learn all about things around us as we read our 'Learn about the World' Books. We are learning that 'Rereading Rocks'. We will soon move on to read Fiction Books and make then our 'Old Favorite Storybooks'. 

During Writing Workshop, we are writing texts to teach others about all that we know- sports, animals, our families, and even racecars. We have a special saying during our workshops 'When we are done, we've just begun' as we go back to reread our work, add more to our pictures, add more to our writing, stretch out the words to hear more sounds and even start a new piece of writing!

In Math we are learning all about numbers in Chapter 1- Represent, Count and Write Numbers 0 to 5. Later we will start Chapter 2- Compare Numbers to 5.The children enjoy the ‘Math on the Spot’ videos and the other ‘Student Interactive Videos’ on Think Central as we learn different math ideas. Their favorite activity is when we share our answers and give a thumbs up or thumbs down to our friends’ answers, as we check our 'On Your Own' work.

In Mystery Science, our students are learning about Animal and Plant Needs including food and shelter. We enjoy acting out like birds and animals in the videos that we watch during our science lessons.