Castillo, Nicole



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Nicole Castillo
First Grade Teacher
at Randolphville Elementary School

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Phone Number: 732-699-1573  Ext. 5912

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  In Readers Workshop, we are currently in the unit “Readers Get To Know Characters By Performing Their Books.” We are focusing closely on the character and their thoughts and feelings. Once we recognize how our characters are feeling, we practice reading with that feeling, sounding like the character, and acting out what they are doing. This helps us deepen our understanding of the story and connect to the characters we are reading about.

 In Writers Workshop, we are currently in our Opinion Writing unit. We have been practicing forming an opinion and giving lots of reasons why we feel that way. We have learned to add details by giving examples, making comparisons, and quoting experts. We have created a list of sparkly words to use when we write to make our writing more exciting. We have learned different ways to start our sentences and how to hook our readers with catchy introductions.

 In FUNdations, we are learning how to blend 5 sounds together to create words. For example – s-p-e-n-d to make the word spend. The students have previously learned how to add suffix –s to words. Now they are learning how to add suffix –ed and suffix –ing to words as well.

In Math, we are just finishing up our chapter on adding and subtracting tens and ones. We learned how to use a hundred chart and tens and ones to add two-digit numbers. Remember to keep practicing your addition and subtraction facts! In our next chapter, we will focus on measuring objects with nonstandard units of measure and telling time to the hour and half hour.

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