Pippin's Page




Second graders have been so busy!  In Reading, students are working on Series Book Clubs.  In this reading unit, the students will become experts on characters.  They will pay attention to how characters respond to problems and notice similarities in their characters across book series.  Students will carry this knowledge about characters into their writing.  Students will learn how to write letters to share ideas about characters.  Students will write reasons and use powerful words to convince others to agree with their opinion. 




We are continuing to develop our addition and subtraction skills! Second graders are beginning our 6th math chapter on 3-digit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping! Students will learn a variety of strategies to help them solve problems! Please continue to review the rules to regrouping at home. For extra activities with math facts, check out websites such as: mathfactspro.com and ixl.com/math. 

Science/Social Studies 

In Science, second graders have been so busy working on describing the properties of matter! 

In Social Studies, students are learning all about influential people who made a difference in the world.  This month we will focus on Presidents and we will celebrate Black History Month.