What's Happening in Room 33

Specials Schedule

Monday-- Digital Literacy


Wednesday--  Library (Books must be returned on or before Wednesday each week so another one can be checked out)
                      Gym, Sneakers must be worn

Thursday—Gym, Sneakers must be worn





March 5    Aarya



Student of the Week

This will start around the third week of October.

You will be notified when your child will be the Student of the Week. The student of the week will be our line leader for the week, a special helper in our classroom, taking books to the library, notes to the office, taking our lunch cart to the cafeteria and be the weather and calendar helper! When it is your child’s turn, please send in a poster on Monday, which can include baby photos, and or other photos of your child doing various activities or showcasing his/ her interests, and family photos. Please label the pictures so your child can talk about it while the poster is on display in our classroom throughout the week. You can also send in a special item, a favorite toy, game or book for Show and Tell on Friday of the week.

Week of March 2 ---------------------        Anika

Week of March 9 ---------------------        Krystal

Week of March 16 ---------------------      Xavier

Week of March 23 ---------------------      Liam W