Young, Sheryl


Welcome to Mrs.Young and Miss Kabus’ *Classroom!

We use Readers and Writers Workshop and Fundations Curriculum. This teaches the students to love and appreciate books of all kinds and to understand that they are all writers. Fundations teachers letter recognition, letter sounds and proper writing form. We will use Go Math curriculum, which uses workbooks, videos and hands-on activities to teach numbers and number sense. This is all done in a fun and meaningful way that is developmentally appropriate for kindergarten students. 
*Miss Kabus is our classroom assistant. She is in the classroom for the morning and assists the students during reading and writing activities.

I welcome communication with the parents of my students. You can e-mail me at : or you can leave a voicemail at (732) 699-1573 X 5934 and I will return your call as soon as I am able. For urgent matters, call the main office at extension 5950 or 5975.

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Classroom News     

We have been learning how to use Super Powers to help us with reading in Reader's Workshop.  We use picture power, pointer power, snap word power, sound power, persistence power and partner power. We are using all these powers as we read the books in our book bags to ourselves, during private reading and to our partners during partner reading.
In Writer's Workshop, we are using all  the tools that we have learned to write "How-to" books.  We think of something that we can teach to someone, plan how we will write it and draw pictures and write a step on each page. Students are writing about how to do things like getting ready for dance class, making dosa, and drawing a number 4, among other things.
In Fundations, we are continuing to practice writing upper and lower case letters correctly, name letters and the sounds they make, and write CVC words like gum, cat, kit, wax, etc.
In Math, we learned how to count to 50 and 100 by 1's and by 10's and are now learning about shapes all around us.
We have been reading Dr. Seuss books, which are great to read at home also, since they are usually easy to read and have a lot of rhyming words.