Jacome, Erin

 Welcome to Mrs. Jacome's Class 
Third Grade

Contact Information:

Erin Jacome
Third Grade Teacher
Math/Science/Social Studies
Randolphville School

Email Address: ejacome@pway.org
Phone number: 732-699-1573 Ext. 5908


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                       What's happening in Room 8:

In math we are busy learning about fractions. We are learning how to compare and order fractions. We are also busy reviewing skills learned over the course of the year to prepare for the NJSLA that is coming up next month. At the end of the month we will being chapter ten on time and measurement. We will be learning to tell time to the minute as well as elapsed time. We will be learning to measure items in grams, kilograms, and liters. 

In science, w
e are learning about animals through time. “In this unit students will develop an appreciation for how animals and the place they live (their habitats) are not constant- they have changed over time. Fossils give us a window to the animals and habitats of the past. Selective breeding shows us not only how some animals of the past became domesticated, but allows us to imagine how they might look in the future (Mysteryscience.com)”.