Homework is a district wide Tools of the Mind homework sheet that is sent home weekly.


Homework is distributed on Monday and is to be handed in on Friday.


Please only do the items that are checked off for the week. Some of the tasks are verbal and require an adult or parent to discuss class activities, such as message of the day or share the news, for example. The verbal activities are to be done on each night during the week. The written activities are to be done once on a paper that is provided. Please do all written homework in pencil. Use the sound alphabet that has been provided for you to assist your child in their writing assignments.  You may provide guidance for your child, but please do not spell the words for them. They will know how to use the sound alphabet and will be teaching you! Please let them do their own drawings! Let your child do the work as you oversee them. Try to have the same designated time for homework daily. If your child is struggling with a partivular assignment, please have them stop after 10 minutes and just jot me a little note on the homework page and we will figure it out in class.  I do not want them to become frustrated.


It is also a wonderful idea to read to your child every night.  I will be reading "chapter books" to your child in school, so maybe you would like to read a chapter book each night to your child.  If you have any questions. please feel free to contact me.  Thank you very much.