In Our Classroom
Marking Period 1                            

      Welcome to third grade and to the beginning of what is going to be a wonderful school year full of plenty of learning, growing, and having fun! I hope you spent some time practicing math over the summer and are excited and ready to learn!  We will begin the marking period by revisiting something you learned about in second grade - representing and interpreting data using graphs.  After that we'll learn about some cool properties (kind of like rules) of addition and will also learn how to add and subtract large numbers using just our brains (no paper or pencil required)! Finally, we'll end the marking period by learning what it means to multiply and exploring some cool strategies that will help you begin to solve multiplication problems quickly and accurately.  If you're still not completely comfortable with adding and subtracting numbers up to 10+10 or 20-10 I want you to spend some extra time at home practicing these facts so that you are prepared and ready to learn as we dive into math this fall.
 Check out these websites for some fun and free math games: