Vasiliadis, Athena

La clase de Español

Sra. Vasiliadis-Maestra de Español

First, Second, & Third Grade Spanish Teacher
Randolphville & Knollwood Elementary Schools

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First graders:      

     The first grade students are now able to ask and answer about 6-7 routine conversation questions they are learning in class.  We have been practicing commands, numbers 0-15 using songs, games, addition and subtraction problems.  They are doing fantastic!  This marking period they will be learning colors, shapes, and sizes, along with some new conversation questions.

Second grade: 

     Second graders are improving nicely in their routine conversation.  They are able to ask and answer about 10 questions in complete sentences, recite and identify the days of the week, and months of the year.  The students can also recite the seasons of the year, and identify the months in each season.  They are able to state what their favorite season is, and when their birthday is.
     This marking period they will review, and practice numbers 0-30 using math problems.  The unit also includes weather, feelings, and classroom objects.

Third grade:
     The third graders  are able to ask and answer about 17 questions in complete sentences.  They have been practicing and learning numbers 0-30, the days of the week, months of the year, and seasons.  The students are able to talk about when their birthday is and what their favorite season is.  Songs are used to reinforce vocabulary learned in a fun way.  
     Our new unit will include numbers to 50, practicing with multiplication problems, weather, feelings, learning classroom objects, and the alphabet.  I really enjoy listening to how much they know.  Please take some time and ask your child to teach you something in Spanish
    In addition check out the practice videos on the left of this web page where your child can practice what we are learning in class with songs.

Helpful suggestions:

 Check these weblinks out: 


     The following are some helpful suggestions to help your child practice at home in order to enhance what he/she is learning in Spanish class.

      1.  Ask your child what they learned in class.

      2.  Review basic conversation questions and answers 
           handout given to your child to take home.
      3.  Practice in the video practice section of this website.

      4.  Encourage your child to have a positive attitude
           when learning Spanish. 

      5.  Students may go to the website link 123teachme above    
           and click onto  Spanish for kids, or try and play some
           games on the interactive website above.  Another good
           website is 

      6.  Please e-mail me with your comments or concerns.

Thank you for your support! 

Sra. Vasiliadis

Spanish Teacher