Room 30 News

Spring has arrived!  Second graders are busy working on writing lab reports.  When scientists conduct experiments to learn about the world, they use a lab report format. They record what they expect to happen in an experiment and they record what they actually do in the experiment.  Students will record results and what they have learned. 

In reading students will work in Non-fiction book clubs.  Expert non-fiction readers do more than just learn information from their books, they also come up with their own ideas about what they are learning.  Readers don’t just read each page or section of their books separately, they gather information across the entire book.  Students ask, “How does this page fit with the ones before it?” “What is this section teaching me?”  Readers will teach their club-mates the main ideas of what they have learned.  Students will also learn that club-mates can be a terrific source of support!

Students will be finishing up the unit on money and time.  Keep practicing counting those coins!  We will begin our unit on measurement next.  The students will learn how to use a ruler properly to measure in inches, feet, yards, centimeters, and meters.  Students will use words like length, longer, shorter, longest, and shortest.  Ask your child to measure things around the house!