Room 30 News

What’s Happening in Room 30….

February is here!


Skills –

  • Reading – Identify the main idea and details, problem and solution, beginning, middle, and end
  • Writing – Using a checklist to revise writing, adding significant details, writing poetry!
  • Spelling – ing-ang, ong, ung, ink, ank, onk, unk, -ed suffixes, “Magic” E, ph, and ck
  • Students should also practice red words daily.

Math  -   The students learned how to trade 10 ones for 1 ten to solve problems like 27 + 43, where there are too many ones to fit in the ones part of the answer.  Students learned that they should only regroup when they need to.  Students worked on two-digit subtraction.  Students learned how to trade 1 ten for 10 ones to solve problems like 43-27.  Some of the math words we used were … trade, regroup, difference.  Remember to remind your child to regroup only when he/she needs to!  We will move onto our next unit of 3-digit addition and subtraction.  We will move onto our next unit of three digit addition and subtraction.

Students should continue to practice math facts daily to help solve problems accurately as well as quickly.  Please remember to check out the math website that is listed on my homepage.  Your child’s user name and password came home.

Science -   We are working on our unit: Properties of Matter.