Room 15 News


What’s Happening in Room 15….

Literacy – We are continuing to learn about words and how we apply rules to encode as well as decode new words.  The students have also learned many new “trick ” words.  They should continue to practice these words with the new words they get each week. 

In Reader’s workshop we are beginning our new unit of Becoming Experts: Reading Nonfiction text.  The students are really excited to learn about many new and exciting topics.    We will continue to review as well as introduce how to identify the main idea and details of text.

In Writer’s workshop the students have written many personal narratives throughout our first writing unit of study.  Our next writing unit of study will be – Writing Informational Text.  The students will learn how to write about a topic they know a lot about.  They will be the experts of that topic through their writing. 

Math  -   In math, we are working on addition and subtraction skills.  The students will learn fact strategies to help them solve problems quickly as well as accurately.

Strategies:  doubles, doubles plus one, counting on, counting back.

Focus:  Using a bar model, writing addition and subtraction sentences.

Vocabulary:  sums, addends, difference

Students should practice math facts daily to help solve problems accurately as well as quickly.  Please remember to check out the math website that is listed on my homepage.  Your child’s user name and password came home.