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Welcome to Ms. Soto’s
Grade Class

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Alyssa Soto

3rd Grade Teacher

Room 2

732-699-1573 ext.5902


Welcome to third grade! My name is Ms. Soto and I am very excited to be your 3rd grade teacher this year! Your 2nd grade teachers have told me so much about you.  I can’t wait to meet each of you in person! Third grade is an exciting time to embark on new adventures in the world of learning. We will work together to make this year very special and memorable.

I hope you had a wonderful summer.  I am looking forward to hearing some great stories about your summer adventures. For the first day of school, you may bring in pictures or anything else that represents your summer fun! I have been spending my summer reading some GREAT books, hiking with my dog, and enjoying time with my family and friends.  I can’t wait to hear about some of your BEST summer memories


For the first day of school, please bring your back-to-school supplies:


• 1 pencil case/box 
• 1 box of colored pencils 
• 1 pack of thin markers
• 6 sharpened pencils (at least
• a plastic pencil sharpener 
• 1 pair of scissors 
• Highlighters (yellow, pink, and green)


• 2 marble composition writing journal
• Post-its (3”x3” 100 count)
• 2 different colored pens (no black)
• 3 glue sticks
• 3 EXPO dry erase markers 
• 1” vinyl 3 ring binder (floppy) for Spanish class
• a tissue box


I'm looking forward to a wonderful year! 


Dates to Remember

5th-First Day of School
7th-Superhero Day
10th-School Closed (Rosh Hashanah)
14th-School Picture Day
19th-School Closed (Yom Kippur)
20th- Back to School Night
21st-Dress Like a Pirate Day
28th-Walk-a-thon & Randolphville Pride Day

1st-Week Of Respect Begins
5th- Pink Pride Day
12th-Hat Day
18th-Evening Conferences-1/2 Day
19th-Daytime Conferences-1/2 Day & Randolphville Pride Day
22nd-Evening Conferences-1/2 Day
23rd-31st-Red Ribbon Week
26th-Black and Orange Pride Day
31st-Halloween Parade

Special Schedule

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Digital Literacy