Sheryl Young-
Welcome to Mrs.Young and Mrs.Elil's*Classroom!
 We use Tools of the Mind Curriculum. This is a center-based curriculum where the students rotate to different literacy centers and participate in shared activities, which helps develop oral language. Other Tools of the Mind Activities promote reading strategies, strategies for problem solving and abstract thinking and opportunities to explore and reflect on concepts in science. This is all done in a fun and meaningful way in a Tools of the Mind kindergarten classroom.
*Mrs. Elil is our classroom assistant.  She is in the classroom for the morning and assists the students as they work in their literacy centers.
I welcome communication with the parents of my students. You can e-mail me at : or you can leave a voicemail at (732) 699-1573 X 5934 and I will return your call as soon as I am able. For urgent matters, call the main office at extension 5950.


       Classroom News

    Happy New Year!  It is a new year and with it are some new changes in our classroom.  We will move from five story-based centers to eight academically based  learning centers, which will be introduced during the first two weeks of this month.  The centers and the skills that will be focused on in each center are:
    Listening Center- listening comprehension, adding to the story and oral language
    Stories Center- listening comprehension strategies, dramatizing and adding on to the story and practicing new vocabulary.
    Sound Center- phonemic awareness, sound-to-letter correspondence and oral language
    Penmanship Center-proper letter and number formation
    Make-a-Book- retelling stories, writing skills, comprehension skills
    Word Puzzles- phonemic awareness, sight words, sound to letter correspondence decoding and oral language
    Literacy Games- phonemic awareness, sight words, decoding and oral language
    Investigations- scientific vocabulary, oral language, exploring visual differences, using the five senses

    The students will go to two centers each day from Monday through Thursday.  On Friday they will complete any unfinished work from the centers and will then have free play and art projects.

    We will be reading the Magic Tree House book Polar Bears Past Bedtime as we learn about the arctic and polar bears.  We will read fiction and non-fiction books about them.
    We will read Blizzard of the Blue Moon next, which is about New York City and the Great Depression. 

    We will be learning many word families and sight words.  Please continue to practice reading the list of sight words.