Sernotti, Jennifer


“The fact that children can make beautiful music is less significant than the fact that music can make beautiful children.”
- Cherl Lavender


Contact Information:  

 Email Address:
(Email is the best way to contact me) 

Phone number:
Monday-Thursday at Randolphville School
(732) 699-1573
ext. 5917

Friday at Knollwood School
(732) 885-1528
ext. 5824

Best time to reach me:  Before 9:10 and after 3:15.  Email is preferable.

Music Class with Mrs. Sernotti

All students participate in a general music class weekly. The students sing, listen, create songs and dances, read and write beginning music notation, and discover the world of music that surrounds them. Correlations to art, drama, dance, literature, history, and other areas of learning are integrated through classroom activities, songs, and performances.

General music education will enable students to: 

- Employ critical thinking skills to evaluate all areas of music.
- Relate music to their personal lives, to the other arts, and to areas outside of the arts.
- Apply basic notational reading and performance skills.
- Interpret and appreciate music from around the world.