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In Reader’s workshop we will be beginning our new unit of Becoming Experts: Reading Nonfiction text about the 2nd week of November.  The students are really excited to learn about many new and exciting topics.    We will continue to review as well as introduce how to identify the main idea and details of text.

In Writer’s workshop the students have written many personal narratives throughout our first writing unit of study.  Our next writing unit of study will be – Writing Informational Text.  The students will learn how to write about a topic they know a lot about.  They will be the experts of that topic through their writing. 

In Fundations we continue to learn how to tap words out using the sounds. We will continue to learn how to "mark up" words when we spell them.  We will be learning about different vowel/sound rules.

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In math, we are working on addition and subtraction skills.  The students will learn fact strategies to help them solve problems quickly as well as accurately.  We will be solving number problems with and without regrouping.

Strategies:  doubles, doubles plus one, counting on, counting back.

Focus:  Using a bar model, writing addition and subtraction sentences.

Vocabulary:  sums, addends, difference

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Social Studies 
We are currently working on our unit on Government.  We learned about the Constitution and our Flag.  We will begin to work on map and globe skills. We will be reading books and doing activities related to Thanksgiving.

In Science we are continuing to learn about observing and how to make meaning observation in order to obtain data and use that data in various ways.