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And everything was absolutely still...

Hello and welcome!
A lot has been taking place in Room 25 at Randolphville School.

We finished our fairy tales and have begun following brother and sister, Jack and Annie.  Moving forward Jack and Annie and the 'Magic Tree House' series will be the main focus of our literacy block each week.  Since following them we have visited the time of dinosaurs in 'Dinosaurs Before Dark', knights and castles in 'The Knight at Dawn', 'Mummies in the Morning', and are now reading 'Pirates Past Noon'.

While reading and dramatizing these stories we are building the student's listening comprehension, story sequencing, and ability to make predictions.  Along with listening to the stories the students complete center plans daily to help develop their phonetic awareness through writing about which character they are going to be and what they are going to do. 

Please note that we have a few important dates coming up in the next few weeks.
-Winter Break begins on Monday December 26, 2016 - Tuesday January 3, 2016
-Pajama Day is December 22, 2016
-Winter Holiday Party December 23, 2016
Holiday Shoppe December 15, 10:20-10:40

I will be sending home information in the coming weeks about our transition to eight academic centers starting in January when we return from winter break.

Homework will continue to be sent home on Monday’s and is to be returned back to school on the following Monday. 

We have Art on Mondays, Music on Tuesdays, Gym on Wednesdays and Fridays (please remember to send your child to school in sneakers on gym days), and Digital Literacy on Thursdays.


As always if you have any questions, please do not hesitate to send a note or e-mail. You may also call the school at (732) 699-1573 ext. 5925.