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LEAP Calendar of Events-December 2017

Kindergarten LEAP
Kindergarten challenges have begun!!
All kindergarten classes are scheduled to complete their mini-challenge for session #1 of Kindergarten LEAP. This mini-challenge lesson usually last approximately 50-60 minutes. It will test for students’ creativity, originality and their ability to solve problems with various materials and limits. Students that choose to complete the challenges are selected based on a written response and picture. Selected students will receive notification letters by mail when we return from winter break!
If a child is absent, he or she will re-schedule the challenge for another date.
Grade 1 LEAP- Invention Session
The first session of grade 1 LEAP is quickly coming to an end! During the workshop, students have been working on various stations that all focused on engineering inventions. Within these centers, students are being challenged to create different inventions using various everyday materials and work collaboratively. In the final weeks, students will be adding final touches to their inventions. Session # 1 will conclude after winter break. Session #2 mini-challenges will begin shortly thereafter. 
Grade 2-3 LEAP
Students in grade 2-3 are moving along in both Language Arts Literacy and math. In math, students are moving onto their first engineering challenge. In LAL, students are practicing making inferences and finding relevant text evidence to support this idea. This will help students debate their ideas during our first discussion day! 

Happy Holidays!!

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