What's Happening in Room 13

Important Upcoming Dates:

November 5th: Staff In-Service- No School for Students
November 7-8th: No School
November 14th: Happy Birthday Rishik J
November 20-22: Early Dismissal, Parent-Teacher Conferences
November 27th: Early Dismissal
November 28th: Happy Thanksgiving! No School
November 29th: No School

Literacy: We have been very busy working on our Small Moments Stories, as part of our Writer's Workshop. Students have been acting as authors and choosing a small moment from their lives to zoom in on and write a personal narrative. Choosing a small moment to focus on allows us to write a lot of detail about that one specific time. We have been coming up with ways to enhance our writing by bringing our characters to life and making them talk, move, think, and feel. As always, we have been paying close attention to proper punctuation and capital letters. We just finished publishing our stories. Our next unit will be our How-To unit where we are introduced to transition words and telling step-by-step directions for how to do something!

In Reader's Workshop, we have learned and practiced all of our good habits for independent reading, as well as partner reading. The students have been setting goals to read more and more, as we are trying to increase our reading stamina and read for longer periods of time each day. It is also important for us to remember to reread what we read so that we are sure that we are understanding and smoothing out our voices. Luckily, we have reading partners that help give us reminders in case we forget any good habits!

Math: Our interactive GoMath! series is going great. Please make sure to utilize the many resources found on the ThinkCentral webpage; the link can be located on my class homepage. Remember that all students can access our Math Curriculum at home on the website. Their login and password is simply their student ID.

We are a couple of lessons into Chapter 3 which has been all about different addition strategies. Students have been exploring the most efficient ways to answer addition problems depending on its addends. We have been counting on, using doubles facts, doubles plus one, doubles minus one, and making 10s using ten frames. Ask us about these strategies at home. All of these strategies require us knowing our doubles facts really well- so please continue to use the flashcards that we made in school to practice! Our hands on manipulatives and Math on the Spot videos make learning math extra fun!

Phonics: For phonics, we have been busy identifying and "marking up" different parts of words. We have been recognizing and underlying digraphs in different words, and have learned that these can be found at the beginning, middle, or ends of words. The digraphs include wh, ch, sh, th, ck. It is important for us to remember that even though each digraph is 2 letters, the letters together only make one sound. Next we will start learning about bonus letters f, l, s, and z that come after short vowels and glued sounds, such as -all in the word ball and mark this up with a box.

Social Studies: For social studies, we will also learn about Veterans this month, and complete activities that coincide with Veteran's Day. We will also learn about Thanksgiving and discuss what it means to be thankful. Students will complete a Disguise a Turkey project and complete a writing assignment about what they are thankful for.

Science: For science, we have been learning about the names of the phases of the moon and what they look like. It is really to fun to study the different patterns that we see in the sky! We will experiment with shadows to help us learn the different ways that the sun hits the moon and earth. We are writing in our science journals each day to help us remember all that we have learned.