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Rville Heart
Randolphville Has Heart
Posted on 01/10/2020
Our school’s Kids Heart Challenge event is right around the corner! We are so excited to have fun and celebrate all the lives we are saving! Thank you for your support! Event Date: February 24-28th Donation Envelopes Due: February 28th 1. JOIN OUR ONLINE TEAM: Download the FREE “Kids Heart Challenge” App or visit www.heart.org/khc to join our school’s online team! 2. TAKE THE CHALLENGE ONLINE: Once you join our online team, take the CHALLENGE and earn the FREE members only wristband! Choose to: Be Ready – Move More - Be Kind 2. SPREAD THE WORD: Send emails, eCards, Connect to Facebook and more! The more people you reach, the more lives we save!  READ MORE...
Randolphville Review
Randolphville Review
Posted on 10/03/2019
Read all about what is going on at Randolphville Elementary School. Check back here every month for the next edition. Randolphville Review   READ MORE...