What's Happening in Room 13

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Important Dates:
October 5th: Spirit Day à Pink Day
October 12th: Spirit Day à Hat Day
October 18th: Half Day; Evening Parent-Teacher Conferences
October 19th: Half Day; Afternoon Parent-Teacher Conferences
October 22nd: Half Day; Evening Parent-Teacher Conferences
October 26th: Spirit Day à Black and Orange Day
October 31st: Happy Halloween! Parade

Literacy: I am so pleased to report how well the students have adapted to our workshop routines. In Writer’s Workshop, we have been focusing on the steps for How to Write a Story. We start off by thinking of an idea for a narrative story, planning it out by touching and telling the story across the pages, writing, and revising to add more. The students have done an awesome job starting to write personal narratives. We have learned how to choose a small moment in our lives and write about it with great detail. We are most recently focusing on ways to bring these stories to life! Instead of having characters who are frozen in one place throughout are stories, we are bringing them to life through movement, dialogue, and feelings. It is time to unfreeze our characters just like we would in a game of freeze tag!


In Reader’s Workshop, we are focusing on picking up good habits, and dropping bad ones. Good habits include taking a sneak peek of a book before starting to read to get an idea of what the book will be about and doing something at the end of the book such as rereading, discussing the elements of the book, or finding a favorite part. This improves our comprehension and helps us remember what we have read!

Math: The students did a great job learning addition strategies in Chapter 1. We are off to a great start with Chapter 2, Subtraction strategies. We are busy learning new vocabulary words such as subtraction sentence, minus, and difference. We have realized that subtraction is the opposite of addition. One involves combining numbers, or putting groups together while the other is taking numbers apart. We have been very hands-on and enjoy using Think Central as a supplemental tool. Remember that you can log on at home with your child to see some of the materials we use in school each day as well as access extra practice!

Phonics: We have finished Unit 1 for Fundations, which was all about letter sounds. We have started Unit 2 this week. In this unit we will learn about tapping out the sounds of letters in a word to help us segment the specific sounds and write the sounds we hear. Tapping words out is another strategy that we can use to pinpoint short vowels, and spell tricky words. Ask your child to tap out words for you at home! Please remember to read through the information packet that is sent home at the beginning of each unit!

Social Studies: In a couple of weeks we will be celebrating Multicultural Day in our classroom! We will be learning about different cultures and comparing the differences and similarities we have within our own classroom. It is a very exciting time to share about where we all came from. We will also be learning a little bit about Christopher Columbus in honor of Columbus Day.

Science: October is Fire Safety month so we will be learning all about the ways to stay safe in case of a fire, no matter where you are. We will practice a bus evacuation drill in case of fires, and are further learning about safety procedures, especially with Scholastic News! We are also starting our new science standards this month. Our first topic is about patterns of change in the sky. We will be learning about different phases of the moon and looking at shadows and how they are made.