What's Happening in Room 13

Important upcoming dates:
September 4th: First Day of School! & Happy Birthday Mya! J
September 10th: Back to School Night
September 24th: Happy Birthday Mrs. Bononno!
September 30th: Yom Kippur- No School

Welcome back students and families! I am looking forward to an awesome year in first grade! 


Literacy:  We are going to start of the school year by introducing some routines. For Writer’s Workshop this includes the proper use of all of our writing tools, word wall, and dictionaries. In our first unit, we will be writing our own Small Moment stories, or personal narratives. Our main goal here is for our stories to have a clear beginning, middle, and end!

In Reader's Workshop, we will be familiarizing ourselves with similar routines and introduce our book baggies. Students will learn how to choose a “Just Right” book for them and learn routines for independent reading, partner reading, and shared reading. In our first unit, we will learn how to share what we have learned about while reading a book. 

Math: We will be introducing Chapter 1, which is all about Addition Concepts. Students will be working hands on with various manipulatives in order to model addition, or putting together. We will also learn what happens when you add zero to a number, and what happens when you change the order of addends in a number sentence. This chapter is all about number sense! We will have fun learning together!

Phonics: In our FUNdations curriculum, we will introduce Unit 1. In this unit we will focus on phonetic sounds in our alphabet and learn specific words to help us remember these sounds. 


I am so excited to get started learning together! It is going to be a great year! J