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The children are enjoying Readers' and Writers' Workshop.  We have been learning how to "take charge of our reading".  We talked about deciding "how" to read a book....tone of voice and emotions shown.  We learned how to do a "sneak peak" of a book to get information about the book before we begin to read it.  We discussed how to build our stamina by setting goals and re-checking goals to adjust if necessary. Reading in longer phrases with the help of "snap words" has been another skill we have learned.  We are now working on marking parts of the book which interests us with Post-It Notes.   
  The students will continue to respond to literature to build comprehension skills.  We are learning how to roll up our sleeves when we get to tricky words.   We are busy learning about different types of sentences.  We learned how to start a sentence with a capital letter and end with ending punctuation.  We use C.O.P.S to help us check our work.  We are very busy writing about small powerful moments in our writing unit of study!  

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We finished chapter 1 in Math.  We did a lot of work with numbers....finding patterns when skip counting, learning how to tell if a number is odd or even, and we learned that there are different ways to show/tell the value of a number:  expanded form, word form, tens and ones form, and picture form.  The children had fun at the end of the month creating their own scarecrow with an "expanding body" (accordion body) with number values on it for our bulletin board.

 Students should practice math facts daily to help solve problems accurately as well as quickly.  Please remember to use the math website to reinforce skills.  Your child’s user name and password came home.

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Social Studies 
We are currently working on our unit on Government.  We learned about the Constitution and our Flag.  We will begin to work on map and globe skills.

In Science we are beginning to learn about observing and how to make meaning observation in order to obtain data and use that data in various ways.