Pippin's Page


It is bittersweet to write this last month on our website.  It has been an amazing year together!

For the days we have in June we will be reviewing skills from September until now and then begin some new units.

In Readers' Workshop we will finish up Series Book Clubs and then spend some time doing Readers' Theater. The children will work in groups of 4 or 5 children.  They will choose a short play, practice their lines, create props and backgrounds, and then perform it to the rest of the class.  

In Writers' Workshop we will continue writing our opinions regarding different things.  I have seen such an improvement in the children's writing.  Continue to write during the Summer....maybe keep a Summer journal using a composition book.  Feel free to have your child bring it for me to read in September.  Remember it's important for children to use capitals, punctuation marks, quotation marks and to make sure to form their letters correctly so others can read their writing.

We have finished our unit on Data in Math and will now work on Fractions.  This Summer make sure to practice addition and subtraction facts and begin to practice multiplication facts.

As I close, I reflect back to September when I was just as nervous as your children were about 2nd grade.  It's truly been an amazing journey together.  I treasure each child and their individual personalities. I have not only taught this group of sweethearts this year, I have learned from them.

Thank you for sharing your child with me!

Have a happy, safe, and blessed Summer!
~Ms. Pippin