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Happy New Year! 
We will start the new year with talking about New Year's Resolutions and we will be sharing some New Year's Resolutions we have.  It's always a great thing to have a goal to work towards!

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We are reading nonfiction texts.  While reading we are learning the “lingo” of many topics and focusing on stating the main idea of sections… and the whole book.

Writing Workshop:  We are writing expert books.  We are working on adding text features to our writing to enhance our books.

Fundations: We continue to tap words out using the sounds.  We will continue to learn how to "mark up" words when we spell them.  We are learning different vowel/sound rules.  We continue to add "trick" words and "Word of the Day" to our word banks.

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  We will continue to practice the units on Mental Math:  Addition and Subtraction.  Students are learning how to use models for tens and ones, mental math, and estimation to add and subtract two-digit numbers.  Students are also learning how to add on to a number to make the nearest ten and even 100!  The students are learning how to trade 10 ones for 1 ten to solve problems like 27 + 43, where there are too many ones to fit in the ones part of the answer.  Students learned that they should only regroup when they need to.  We will start our next unit on two-digit subtraction.  Students will learn how to trade 1 ten for 10 ones to solve problems like 43-27.  Some of the math words we will use are … trade, regroup, difference.  Remember to remind your child to regroup only when he/she needs to!

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