Corkwell's Corner
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Where oh where did September go?  In September, the children began learning about the rules in the classroom and around the school.  In our Reading Workshop, the children have learned how to read privately and with a partner.  We have focused on "Learn About the World" books (non-fiction).  We will soon be adding storybook favorites.  In our Writing Workshop, the children are learning that drawing is the beginning of writing.  They are learning how to add labels, words, sentences, pages, etc.  "When we are done, we have just begun!"
In Fundations, we have been practicing the letter-keyword and sound for t, f, b, n, m.  The children have also learned correct letter formation for these lowercase letters. 

We began the Go Math program with Chapter 1- Representing, Counting, and Writing Numbers 0 to 5.  The children seem to be enjoying math centers and the accompanying Math on the Spot videos and interactive lessons.  In Chapter 2, the children will compare numbers to 5.


                                           Happy Fall to all!