Corkwell's Corner

                              June Clip Art                                         
As we wind down the school year, I would like to thank
  you for your  help and support throughout his/her Kindergarten year!  Your child has grown so much since he/she first walked into Room 32!  Not only physically...but academically, socially, and emotionally, too.  It has been my pleasure to play a small role in your child's development.

Over the summer, please continue to read to or with your child. Encourage your child to keep a journal to practice writing.  Take part in the free activities offered by the public library.  Ride bikes, take walks, and talk about what you see!  

If your child is not returning to Randolphville, I wish your family much happiness and good luck in your new location.  If your child is coming back, I will be looking for his/her smiling face in September!

I wish all of you a safe, happy, and relaxing summer!