Corkwell's Corner
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February may be the shortest month, but it is filled with many special days and celebrations.  We will begin the month learning about Groundhog Day.  Will Punxsutawney Phil, the most famous of groundhogs, see his shadow? We will then learn about George Washington and Abraham Lincoln as we celebrate Presidents’ Day.  Since the first day of school, we have been counting the days in great anticipation of the 100th Day of School.  This will be celebrated on February 13th.  We will celebrate with special activities, rotating through the Kindergarten classrooms.   The students will also proudly showcase their 100 Day projects.  In addition to all of the above…there is Valentine’s Day, Dental Health, and Black History!  WOW!  February is a short, but busy, and fun-filled month.

The children have been busy learning new strategies to help them become better readers and writers.  They have enjoyed using their Super Reading powers, such as pointer power, sound power, and picture power. They have been using strategies to make their writing easier to read, such as leaving spaces between words, stretching words to write many sounds and using initial capitalization and ending punctuation.