Ferrer, Nicole

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February-March 2019
Here's what's happening in LEAP...

 Grade 1 LEAP

Grade 1 Challenges for cycle #2 have begun!! 

All first grade classes will come to my room to work on the creative problem solving mini-challenge. The challenge will test for students’ creativity, originality and their ability to solve problems using tangrams puzzles.  Students that choose to complete the challenges are selected based on a written response and picture. Selected students will receive notification letters by mail in the coming weeks. If a child is absent, he or she will re-schedule the challenge for another date. 

  Grade 3 Dance Residency Workshop

  Second and third grade students have had the pleasure of working with a dancing instructor from the American Repertory Ballet Dance Company. During this dance residency program, students have been learning the fundamental elements of ballet. Residency Workshop classes occur once a week for 60 minutes during the school day. On February 27, 2019, the students will showcase all they have learned to their families and peers! 


Math LEAP STEM Engineering Challenge

 Second and third grade math LEAP students learned about the six steps of the engineer design process and then applied the process in our a winter themed STEM engineering challenge. Second grade students were presented with "Winter Sled Challenge” where they were challenged to build a sled that can travel down a ramp the farthest. Third grade students were presented with “Snow Scoop Challenge” where they were challenged to create scoop that can pick up a given amount of snow in the fastest time. Using specific materials, students planned, engineered, tested and shared their designs. 

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