What's Happening in Room 29

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Can you believe that December is really here?  We are into the second marking period and have been busy learning so many new skills.

Reading –We are reading and reading nonfiction texts.   While reading we are learning the “lingo” of many topics and focusing on stating the main idea of sections… and the whole book.
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Writing Workshop:  We are writing expert books.  We are working on adding text features to our writing to enhance our books.

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Math  -   Our next unit in math is  2-digit addition and subtraction with and without regrouping.  Remember when going over your child’s homework to ask him/her to tell you how they solved a problem and why he/she used the strategy they did.  Please continue to have your child practice basic math facts.  Remember to use the math website to reinforce skills. 

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Social Studies-  We are working on our unit on family and traditions.  Our holiday tradition project was sent home and should be back to school shortly.  We are looking forward to sharing our traditions with each other.  Children will also explore where there ancestors came from and what cultures they share.
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