What's Happening in Room 29

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February is here!


Skills –

·         Reading –Amping up our reading


Second graders have been working so hard to build
their foundational reading skills with fiction books!
Our next reading unit teaches students how to read
 with more fluency and expression! While your child
reads at home, prompt them to look at feelings and
dialogue tags to help them sound like the character!
Continue to use Raz-kids and visit the public library to find “just right” books of interest!

Writing – Poetry Unit


We recently finished our fiction writing unit and
are now starting our next unit on poetry! Second
graders will have the chance to explore poetry
with creative topics by capturing what they notice
and feel on the page. Students will pay close
attention to words, images, rhythm, and sound.

·         Spelling – “Magic” E, ph, and ck

·         Students should also practice red words daily.

Math  -   We have completed the unit on subtraction with and without regrouping.  The students learned how to trade 1 ten for 10 ones to solve problems like 43-27.  Students learned that they should only regroup when they need to.  Students have been practicing subtraction skills using numbers up to 999.  Students should continue to practice math facts daily to help solve problems accurately as well as quickly.  Please remember to check out the math website that is listed on my homepage.  Your child’s user name and password came home.

Social Studies  This month we will focus on Black History Month.  


In Science, second graders have been so busy working on describing the properties of matter!