What's Happening in Room 29

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October is here!

Literacy-  We are busy having a reading growth spurt!  Students have been working on building their reading stamina as well as reading in bigger chunks.  We have also rolled up our sleeves to solve tricky words.  While reading at home be sure to talk about the story.  Have your child stop periodically and tell what is happening or you can ask questions.  On the back of the home reading log is some suggestions for you.
Students have also been working on writing personal narratives.  They have set goals for themselves based on their pre- assessment.  The students look at mentor authors to get ideas to use in their writing.  They are working to bring their stories to life!
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   In math we are now busy learning about place value to 100.  We use groups of 100’s, 10’s and 1’s to show a given 3-digit number.  Later on this month we will work our way up to learning about place value to 1000.

Students should practice math facts daily to help solve problems accurately as well as quickly.  Please remember to use the math website to reinforce skills.  Your child’s user name and password came home.

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Social Studies-
We are finishing up our unit on government!


Plants need certain resources in order to grow. Specifically, they need sunlight and water. Light from the sun is blocked by physical objects as it radiates towards Earth, such as trees and shrubs. When objects block the path of light, shadows are formed on the ground (1-PS4B.2). The shadows (or shade) created by the trees and shrubs blocks the sunlight from reaching the grass nearest to them. This limits the amount of sunlight that area of grass can obtain, which plants need to survive (2-LS2A.1). Without the proper amount of sunlight being taken in, those areas of grass cannot grow and they eventually die and turn brown.

Disciplinary Core Ideas (Bulleted items from the Disciplinary Core Ideas Matrix that are used in the explanation)

  • 2-LS2A.1: Plants depend on water and light to grow.
  • 1-PS4B.2: Some materials allow light to pass through them, others allow only some light through, and other block all the light and create a dark shadow on any surface beyond them…

Lesson Performance Tasks (Descriptions of what students will be doing and its purpose, e.g., students ask question about patterns to obtain additional information. Each task engages students in a Practice, one or more Crosscutting Concepts, and requires them to use Core Ideas.)

  • Students observe the phenomenon and develop questions about their observations to explore what causes grass to die in some areas but grow in others 
  • Students engage in argument to determine a pattern of common criteria for living and nonliving things
  • Students plan and conduct an investigation to explore what is needed for a plant system to survive.

  • Students conduct an investigation and gather information to identify relationships that exist within a habitat system aid plants in pollination.

  • Students design solutions for a man-made pollination system to aid in plant survival.

  • Students develop a model to explain causes for grass dying in some areas, but to grow in others.