What's Happening in Room 19

As we come to the end of the school year, please continue to reinforce reading at home! Continue to use Raz-kids and visit the public library to find “just right” books of interest! Students have been working so hard this year on a large variety of reading strategies. In June, I will be sending home your child’s reading notebook full of all the amazing things we worked on this year! Please use this notebook as a guide for book discussions/reading responses over the summer!

We are finishing up our final writing unit on opinion writing! Students worked so hard to write about their books! As we prepare for third grade, please continue to practice writing skills at home. Remind your child to edit and revise their stories for the proper use of conventions (capital letters, punctuation marks, and spelling). Also, prompt your child to add powerful, detailed words! To continue developing your child’s writing skills, have them write in a journal this summer! They can write personal narratives (stories about their own lives), fiction stories, opinion/persuasive pieces, and poetry!

We are on a final math chapter; Geometry and Fractions. Students will be learning all about 2 and 3 dimensional shapes as well as an introduction to fractions. Over the summer, please continue to review all math concepts from second grade. They should especially practice addition and subtraction (to 1,000) with regrouping! For extra activities with math facts, check out websites such as: mathfactspro.com and ixl.com/math.

Science/Social Studies
In Science, second graders have been so busy working on learning all about land forms! We have been identifying land forms and learning how land forms change over time! In Social Studies, students are learning all about economics and our community!